What Are Some Free Islamic Downloads?


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Free Islamic downloads include Hajj guides, prayer files, books and software for learning the Quran. The Quran is also widely available for free download in many languages. Although free downloads are available, many websites do request donations.

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The Hajj is a pilgrimage to Mecca that each Muslim is required to take at least once. Free software is available in many languages for completing a Hajj. Support software including maps and bus and train schedules is available for free download for iPhones and Android devices. Video Hajj guides also are available for free download. Video guides allow viewers to see the steps of the Hajj along with instructions for each part of the journey.

Numerous downloads of prayer files are available at no cost. Files include obligatory prayers, schedules of prayer times and prayer guides for beginners. Prayer files giving world prayer times also are available as mobile phone applications.

Free downloads of books such as "Great Women of Islam," "How to Perform Rituals of Hajj and Umrah," "The Meaning of the Holy Qu'ran" and "The Message of the Qu'ran" are offered through many Islamic websites. Downloadable books are mainly available in Arabic and English with some selections offered in other languages. Most book downloads are available as PDF files, although some are offered as audio books.

Quran software is available for computers and mobile devices. Software includes Quran translators, a Quran and Hadtith toolbar, and software for memorizing the Quran.

Free downloads of the Quran are available from multiple resources in many languages. Users can download audio or text versions of the Quran. Audio readings of the Quran are available for download on computers and mobile devices.

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