What Are Some of Islam's Basic Beliefs?


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Followers of Islam believe there is a single God who created everything in the universe and has no gender, race or body. They believe there are unseen angels, such as the angel Gabriel, responsible for carrying out orders from God, and several prophets, to whom God has revealed his guidance throughout history. Another Muslim belief is that there is a Day of Judgment, during which God judges whether to send humans to paradise or hell based on their actions.

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Muslims consider Adam to be the first of God's prophets and Muhammad to be the last. Some other prophets they believe God appointed include Moses, Jesus, Abraham and Noah. They believe it was the angel Gabriel who transmitted God's divine revelation to his prophets.

Observers of Islam believe God revealed several holy texts to his prophets, including the Quran, Gospel, Torah, Psalms and Scrolls. The Quran, they believe, God revealed to Muhammad, while they claim he revealed the Gospel to the prophet Jesus. They believe Moses to have been the receiver of the Torah and David the recipient of the Psalms. Abraham was the receiver of the Scrolls according to the Muslim faith. Although they acknowledge each of these as holy books, they think the Quran is the only one that remains available in its original, divinely revealed form.

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