What Is the Irish Symbol for Eternal Friendship?

irish-symbol-eternal-friendship Credit: Jeff Speed/First Light/Getty Images

The claddagh is an Irish symbol that represents eternal friendship when in the form of a ring worn on the right hand with the heart pointed outward. In the design, the two hands surrounding a heart symbolize everlasting friendship.

The heart in the claddagh symbolizes love, and the crown on top of the heart expresses loyalty and devotion.

Ancient legends claim the claddagh was created by a kidnapped man enslaved in the town of Claddagh. During captivity, he crafted a ring from stolen gold and eventually returned home to present the ring to his true love.

Claddagh rings are commonly given to friends as a token of friendship, but if the ring is worn with the heart pointing inward, on either hand, the claddagh is a representation of love.