What Are Some Irish Drinking Toasts?


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Irish drinking toasts include a Saint Patrick's Day toast, wedding toasts and an Irish everyday toast. There are also toasts connected to certain holidays, such as Christmas and New Years. Many Irish toasts reflect not only a love of good beer, but also Irish cultural and religious elements as well.

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St. Patrick's Day is a major event in Ireland, and one of the Irish toasts for this day reflects the importance of St. Patrick in the history of the Irish people. This saint preached the gospel and converted a large portion of the population from paganism to Christianity.The toast recalls a famous legend concerning Patrick's time in Ireland, where the saint is said to have driven all snakes from the country. The toast also includes an admonition not to toast too much, and so not risk forgetting the saint whose day the drinkers honor.

Some holiday toasts, such as for Christmas and New Years Day, contain mainly well-wishing to family and friends for the upcoming holiday and/or year. Some wedding toasts call for the blessings of love and many children and friends for the couple. A certain Irish everyday toast contains both hope for success in this life and salvation in the life to come.

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