How Do the Inuits Survive?

The Inuits wear heavy clothing to keep them warm due the extreme low temperatures, and depend on hunting and fishing for food since their environment does no support farming. Inuit communities are found in Quebec and Labrador in Canada, Alaska and Russia. In some areas, Inuits are referred as "Eskimos," a term they find offensive.

In the Tundra, there is a lack of enough building facilities, so houses are not made of wood unless they get it from another place. During the winter, they live in houses constructed of snow, called "igloos," while in summer when the snow melts, they live in tents made of animal skin.

Their main source of food is meat. Whales, seals and walruses are some of their staple foods. During the summer, the meat is dried and stored safely under stones. The meat is eaten raw because lighting a fire is almost impossible due to the cold environment. Men hunt enough food to feed the whole community.

Traditional Inuit clothing is made of fur and skin, which is warm and waterproof. Animal skin is also used to make boots. They wear a large coat called a "parka" to protect them from the elements.

Inuits are gradually adopting modern lifestyles and changing their way of living. The main problem they are facing is global warming, which affects their environment.