What Are Some Interpretations for Common Nightmares?


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Dreaming of falling, being chased and or being nude in public are some of the most common nightmares, explains DailyNewsDig.com. The meaning of each dream is relative, but explanations range from scientific to emotional reasons such as changes in blood pressure or feeling an emotional imbalance in some area of one's life.

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Falling or losing balance in a dream may signify a change in blood pressure as one falls into unconsciousness. Another explanation is that fluid within the ear that helps regulate balance may move while sleeping, causing an imbalanced sensation. Emotionally, dreaming of falling could mean having a fear of losing control or feeling like one's life is not in balance.

To dream of being chased by monsters or a threatening entity may represent a feeling of insecurity or feeling threatened by such insecurities. The entity that one is running from may represent the insecurities that he is afraid to face. It may also represent envy, anger, hate or fear.

To be naked in a dream may symbolize vulnerability or shame. It could also represent a feeling of being unprepared, caught off-guard, or exposed. Being embarrassed from being nude in public may align with a sense of inferiority. On the other hand, dreaming of being nude in public and not feeling negative emotions may indicate high self-esteem.

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