How Do You Interpret the Symbols in a Dream?


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Some websites, such as World-of-Lucid-Dreaming.com, have guides to interpreting symbols in a dream. Although what a symbol means can vary from person to person, dreams are messages from the unconscious mind that can be studied and analyzed.

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Some symbols in dreams are very obvious and literal, while others are harder to interpret. For example, dreaming about hair loss can often represent a very real, literal fear of going bald. However, killing in a dream does not mean that the dreamer is a closeted murderer; it can represent a desire to change or "kill" an aspect of the dreamer's personality or a simple, non-violent hostility towards a particular person.

Another example of an obvious symbol is being chased and how it usually means the dreamer feels threatened in some way. Likewise, another example of a less-intuitive dream symbol is death and how it usually means change in one's life rather than a psychic prediction. Some of the most common dream symbols are falling, houses, missing a flight, nudity and being physically trapped. Occasionally, dreamers encounter symbols and themes that are a result of the body's biological workings. For instance, faulty machinery in dreams is often due to the brain's language center being shut down while asleep, which makes it difficult to dial a phone, search the Internet or tell time on a clock.

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