How Do You Interpret Spiritual Dreams?

There is no one standard method to understand and interpret spiritual dreams. These dreams are usually full of symbols and patterns that may or may not be easy to identify or understand. Also, spiritual dreams often do not have a literal meaning, and interpreting them requires a deep analysis into the context in which they occur.

Spiritual dreams can mean different things to different people, depending on their personal situations, external environments and associations with others. A spiritual dream is usually full of symbols that are rarely literal. These need to be decrypted first to understand if the dream is representative of some upheaval or problem in the dreamer’s life. The same symbols may occur in a different order and progression in the dreams of different people. Even though some symbols are universal, many others are unique and form part of a “vocabulary” that may differ from one person to another.

It is very important to understand the overall context and emotions that preceded and follow the dream. The emotional reaction of the dreamer and his first impression immediately upon waking provides a good start to understanding the dream’s meaning. Spiritual dreams that involve a known person may not necessarily be about that person or even about the dreamer himself. The dreamer must step back and analyze if the dream could actually be about a type or group of people that has some meaning in his life.