How Do You Interpret Dreams About Water?


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Many researchers believe that dreams about water can reveal emotional and mental states, dreams or fears, concerns about the future, and much more. Water can be either a positive or negative symbol in dreams depending on the type of water and your relation to it in a particular dream.

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One of the first steps to interpreting a dream about water is to determine if you felt safe or in danger. This could vary from experiencing a tsunami to watching a peaceful waterfall. Analyzing the amount of water in your dream can also reveal whether you feel lacking or content in your life. For example, if there is a drought in your dream, you may feel inadequate or lacking something in real life. Signs of being emotionally overwhelmed could include a flood, spilling boiling hot water, or seeing muddy or stagnant water. On the other hand, experiencing tranquil dreams of rivers and streams or dreaming of walking on water could signify confidence and peace about the state of your life.

Dreams about water can be deciphered easily by evaluating your mood and how you felt interacting with the water in your dream. Whether you felt fearful or peaceful, dreams about water could reveal much about your daily life.

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