What Are Some Interior Design Ideas for a Church Sanctuary?

Consider the color that is to be used on the sanctuary's walls; light colors create an atmosphere of redemption and holiness, while darker colors lend the space a more reserved ambiance. Try to balance peaceful earth tones with brighter hues, to lend the space some excitement. Color can also focus attention on the room's focal points, such as the font. Semi-gloss and eggshell finishes are preferable to flat finish paints, as they are easier to clean.

Replace fluorescent lights with yellow-hued bulbs, for a more welcoming atmosphere. Fluorescent lights can be harsh and create a sterile environment wherever they are used. Use dimmer switches to change the lighting style during the service -- for example, dimming the lights during prayer and brightening them as people enter and leave the sanctuary.

Consider chair placement and spacing to allow easy access for congregation members. Place chairs in sections around the stage so it is easy for people to come and go, and ensure that there is enough space between rows for people to be comfortable.

If the church contains spaces for youth and children, consider decorating them with bright colors to create a sense of energy. Each church's requirements are different, so it is important to consult with management and the congregation before implementing any changes.