What Are Some Interesting Facts About St. Nicholas?


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Some interesting facts about St. Nicholas are that he is a saint from the fourth century and that in his life, Nicholas used money to help the less fortunate. In his life, Nicholas endured persecution for his faith that included spending time in jail. History remembers Nicholas as the patron saint of many groups of people.

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St. Nicholas was an only child who lived during the Roman Empire. On Wednesdays and Fridays as a child, Nicholas only ate once per day, in the evening. When Nicholas's parents died in an epidemic, Nicholas's uncle, the Bishop of Patara, took over raising him. As a young man, Nicholas saw that a poor man was about to force his daughters into prostitution. In the middle of the night, Nicholas threw money into the man's house so that the man could pay for the women to marry.

Officials elected Nicholas to head a church, but in the era of Christian persecution, Nicholas endured torture and chains and officials threw him into prison. Constatine later released Nicholas from prison.

History remembers Nicholas as the patron saint of seamen and children. Some Christians also remember Nicholas as the patron saint of the regions of Greece, Apulia, Sicily and Loraine. December 6 is the day of St. Nicholas' feast. Nicholas lacks a specific date for recognition as a saint because the church and many of its followers recognized Nicholas as a saint long before the church began officially canonizing saints in the 10th century.

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