What Is Some Interesting Information About Aphrodite?

Alexander Novikov/E+/Getty Images

The mythical Greek goddess Aphrodite, known as Venus in Roman mythology, is the symbol of lust, beauty and love. She was born from the foam on the sea as famously pictured in Sandro Botticelli’s painting “Birth of Venus,” which depicts her as a full-grown woman rising out of the ocean in a seashell. Another version of the myth suggests she may have hatched from an egg.

Aphrodite is the mother of Eros, who is also known as Cupid. Due to Aphrodite’s inordinate beauty, most who see her become infatuated with her. She was chosen by the mortal Paris as the fairest of the Olympian goddesses, compared to Hera and Athena. Because he had chosen her, Aphrodite granted Paris the affection of Helen of Troy, whose beauty was praised throughout the land. Paris then stole Helen from her Trojan husband, inciting the Trojan War.

Aphrodite allegedly visited the island of Cyprus during her time on Earth. As of 2014, the city of Paphos continues to celebrate tourist-friendly versions of festivals honoring the goddess.

Wonder Woman of DC Comics is thought to have been influenced by Aphrodite. Her magic lasso bears some resemblance to Aphrodite’ s golden girdle, which gives her the power to make people fall in love.