What Are Some Interesting Facts About Bigfoot?

Some interesting facts about Bigfoot are that it is also known as Sasquatch, it may be up to 10 feet tall and it may weigh more than 500 lbs. Bigfoot is a large apelike creature that has had reported sightings throughout the world, including the Pacific Northwest.

Other interesting facts about Bigfoot include:

  • Its footprints have been described as 17 inches long.
  • It is reported to be covered in dark brown reddish hair.
  • Grover S. Krantz is one of the few scientists who believed in the existence of Bigfoot.
  • A film from northern California in 1967 is one of the most well-known evidence for Bigfoot's existence.
  • Michael Wallace claims that Bigfoot is a hoax created by his father Ray in 1958.