What Are Some Intent to Lien Letter Samples?

An example of an intent to lien letter is: “Please take notice that the undersigned has provided work, materials and equipment rental described as [INSERT DESCRIPTIONS] to the construction project located at [INSERT LEGAL DESCRIPTION OR MUNICIPAL ADDRESS OF PROJECT].” Lien letters may vary based on their field of employment and state of issue.

A notice of intent to lien letter is similar to a general demand letter. It is a warning sent by a construction project saying that if the payment for the work is not delivered, the claimant plans on filing a mechanics lien. It is not always necessary to send an intent to lien letter, but some of the states that require such a warning issue include Arkansas, Connecticut, Louisiana, Missouri and Wisconsin,

Intent to lien notices are often successful in reminding clients of payment requirements, and they can help construction managers save money in the long term because the intent to lien notice is typically much more affordable than a mechanics lien. It serves as a nudge to the parties expected to pay for the claim.

Additionally, if the client refuses to pay for the construction claim or is outright ignoring the construction manager, sending the intent to lien notice puts more pressure on that person and requires a prioritized payment.