Is Intelligence Genetic?


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According to multiple studies, intelligence is highly influenced by genetic factors. Scientists at Kings College in London, England, have identified a gene that appears to be linked directly to IQ.

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According to the studies, teenagers who have a highly functioning neuroplastin, or NPTN, gene tend to perform better on IQ tests. It is believed that this gene plays a role in the way the brain cells communicate. The gene may also play a significant part in the formation of the cerebral cortex. Researchers have shown that not only is a person's IQ influenced by genetic factors, but the genes also play a role in how well an individual does in school. However, even though scientific evidence suggests that an individual's intelligence is partially attributable to their genetic material, many believe that environmental factors are more important than genetics. A study published in 2014 in Current Biology reveals a genetic basis for intelligence after cognitive testing in chimpanzee pedigree, which complements similar findings in human studies. Studying the way genes affect a person's intelligence is not only important for academic purposes, as future studies may shed light on other genes that influence intellectual achievements, which may help diagnose and treat various kinds of learning disabilities.

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