What Are the Instructions for a Tempa-DOT Thermometer?

To use a 3M Tempa-DOT single-use clinical thermometer orally, tear off a single thermometer strip, and remove the packaging, being careful not to touch the dotted section. Place the thermometer under your tongue with your mouth closed for 60 seconds. Wait an additional ten seconds after removing the strip, then read the temperature shown by the last blue dot.

  1. Separate a single thermometer and remove packaging

    Tear off one thermometer from the strip. As you peel the package away, be careful to hold the thermometer by its handle, rather than the dotted section.

  2. Place the thermometer under your tongue for 60 seconds

    Place the thermometer under your tongue as far back as possible. It does not matter whether the dots are facing up or down. Close your mouth and leave the thermometer in for 60 seconds.

  3. Remove the thermometer and wait ten seconds before reading

    After the 60 seconds are up, remove the thermometer and let it sit for ten seconds before you read it. Read the temperature by looking at the blue dots. The last blue dot shows your temperature. Ignore any unchanged dots. Record your temperature and discard the used thermometer.