What Are Some Instructions for Making a Cord Rosary?


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To make a cord rosary, first learn how to make a barrel knot and how to build the decades. Use a cord rosary tool to add knots to the cord, combining five decades and Pater beads to complete a simple cord rosary.

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The first step to successfully making a cord rosary is becoming familiar with the barrel knot. It is not easy to untie a barrel knot after making a mistake, so it is worthwhile to practice until tying the knot is second nature.

When making a rosary cord, first determine whether the rosary should have a center piece or a knotted center, as each type of cord rosary requires a different starting approach to complete successfully. It is important that the barrel knots be gently worked off of the cord tool once wrapped, since the knot is immobile once tightened. After the knots are in place, build five decades in such a way so that the beads have ample play, allowing the rosary to bend naturally.

Cord rosary tools are essentially simple plastic loops with a thick handle and a grooved tunnel through which the cord is threaded. By threading the cord through the cord rosary tool, it is possible to form the barrel knots that separate the Pater beads simply and efficiently.

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