What Are the Instructions for a Lisa Rinna-Style Haircut?

Rinna is known for using many variations of a shorter length haircut style that can be fashioned with highlights and razor ends to produce a brilliant, textured look. To style one’s hair like actress Lisa Rinna, the necessary tools include mousse, round brush, blow dryer as well as molding cream and hairspray. There are many short cuts that can be styled to have a Lisa Rinna-type look, such as various short straight and formal cuts.

The hair must be first washed and toweled dry. The stylist then should place mousse on his or her hands and run the product through the damp tresses. Using a round brush, the stylist should start at the back of the head with a blow dryer to blow the hair in a downward motion. When the brush reaches the ends, the ends should be flicked up and then dried so they stay in place. This technique should also be done on the sides of the hair as well, giving the hair a style commonly seen with Rinna.

To dry the crown area, the blow dryer should be aimed under the hair and veered to the right and left to dry the sides until the locks are fully dry. The roots need to be given height, however, so they have volume and lift. This can be done using a molding cream. Put the cream on the fingers and pinch the ends while pulling the hair gently into an upwards and outwards motion. The cream becomes useful for giving the hair as much texture as desired, and it can also be used to fashion the bangs in the desired direction. Hairspray can also be applied to make sure the hair stays in place.