What Are Some Inspirational Religious Readings?


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Some inspirational religious readings include "Cross" and "Your Angel." Another inspirational religious reading that encourages each person to communicate with God is "Letter from God."

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In "Cross," a young man feels discouraged in life. The man prays to God and asks him to lift his burdens from him because he can no longer tolerate his situation. God responds that the man may take off his cross and replace it with any cross in the room.

The man then chooses another cross to bear. God tells the man that he picked up the same cross that he just set down. The writer adds that the reader needs to remember that each person is likely far more fortunate than he realizes.

Similarly, in "Your Angel," a child is about to leave heaven and arrive on earth. The child is nervous, and he asks God if someone on earth knows that he is coming to live on earth. God replies that there is an angel on earth ready to care for the child and sing to the child. The angel on earth offers to defend the child When the child asks to know his angel's name, God says that the child can simply call the angel "Mommy."

"Letter from God" is an inspirational religious reading that the writer tells from God's perspective. Throughout the day, God waits for a person to talk to God. Even when the person has no other obligations, the person does not talk to God. God has promises and blessings to offer the person but the person still does not communicate with God. The story ends with God saying that He hopes to hear from the person the next day.

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