What Inscription Should I Write on a Baby Book?

One example of an inscription for a baby book is: “Welcome to the world, baby! May you always know that you are surrounded by people who love you, and may happiness, joy and abundant riches follow your every step. I can’t wait to get to know you as you grow!” The specific inscription chosen depends on the relationship a person has with the baby.

The inscription may be written as a direct message to the baby, or it can be a message of congratulations to the parents. Either way, it should offer positive words of encouragement and support, and it should be written from the heart.

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a special time for new parents and surrounding family and friends, so it is natural for loved ones to want to offer their congratulations and well wishes. A baby book provides a means of doing this and makes a great keepsake for the parents and the baby to have. Signing a baby book can be intimidating for some because one may feel obligated to write something profound, thought-provoking or sentimental. However, a simple, honest comment from the heart is just as effective and will likely be appreciated by the baby’s parents.