What Are the Ingredients in Meal Makers?

The ingredients in Meal Makers include many different spices and seasonings, although they vary according to brand and flavor. As of 2014, both Lawry’s and Knorr make several types of Meal Makers seasoning packets.

Lawry’s Meal Makers are available in three varieties as of 2014, including beef stew, chili and meat loaf seasonings. The ingredients in Lawry’s Meal Makers beef stew seasoning include potato flour, salt, yeast extract, onion and modified food starch. Other ingredients are paprika, caramel color, tricalcium phosphate, garlic and black pepper. Bromelain and extractives of paprika and soy lecithin are also ingredients. Lawry’s Meal Makers chili seasoning contains spices including chili pepper, cumin, oregano, white pepper, black pepper and fennel. Other ingredients are enriched wheat flour, onion, salt, garlic and citric acid. Lawry’s Meal Makers meat loaf seasoning contains bread crumbs made from bleached wheat flour, salt, yeast, dextrose and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. Other ingredients are salt and spices including paprika, mustard, black pepper, basil and sage. Onions, garlic, natural flavors and parsley flakes are also included.

Knorr does not disclose the ingredients in its Meal Makers seasoning packets on its website, but the website does state that the packets are free from added MSG, artificial colors and preservatives. Knorr Meal Makers are available in varieties such as beef casserole, country stew, chicken supreme and shepherd’s pie.