What Are the Ingredients in Lysol?

Lysol brand products, including liquids, sprays and wipes, are manufactured using active ingredients such as alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium saccharinate and ethanol alcohol 40. Lysol cleansers may include additional antiseptic agents, such as p-Choro-o-benzylphenol and isopropyl alcohol, to sanitize and remove odors.

The ingredients of Lysol products contain mixtures of antiseptic and sanitizing agents. Lactic acid is a main ingredient found in the Lysol family of products that has been used as an antiseptic since the 1800s. Alternatively, o-phenylphenol was added to the Lysol ingredient list in the 1980s. Other ingredients in the Lysol product line, such as potassium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide, add various levels of acidic cleaning power to the formulas, along with oxidization properties.

Some Lysol-brand products come in concentrated liquid form, and the ingredients are formulated to be added to water. For example, several capfulls of concentrated Lysol can be added to a quart of water and used as a general household cleaning solution. Consumers can adjust the amount of concentrate used to make the cleaning solution stronger or weaker as needed.

The antiseptic nature of Lysol ingredients eliminates certain germs and viruses when the cleaner is applied to surfaces in the home or medical facilities.