What Information Would a Birthdate Analysis Include?

What Information Would a Birthdate Analysis Include?

A birthdate analysis may include information about a person's personality, his purpose in life, challenges he may face and major transformations he may experience, depending on the organization providing the report. Birthday analyses, natal charts and birthday calculators are available through various websites, including PaulSadowski.org, SevenReflections.com, Kabalarians.com and CafeAstrology.com.

Visitors who enter their full date of birth at PaulSadowski.org receive an analysis with an assortment of details, including Chinese and Native American zodiac information, a person's birth tree and his compatibility with other life path numbers, along with fun facts such as a person's age in dog years and the amount of energy produced by the relevant number of birthday candles.

SevenReflections.com analyzes the numbers associated with a particular birthdate and includes explanations for each. A user learns his karmic number, life path number, challenge numbers, attitude number and pinnacles at various stages in life.

The birthday analysis provided by Kabalarians.com gives a brief, but informative, description of a person's birth path or life path number. The report includes insight into personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and general life purpose.

A natal chart often provides additional information that may include a name analysis and the significance of certain planetary alignments at the time and place of a person's birth. A user typically needs to enter his full name, birthdate, time of birth, birth location and gender to receive this sort of report.