What Information Is in the Theocratic Ministry School Workbook?


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The "Benefit From Theocratic Ministry School Education" book has lessons aimed at helping Jehovah's Witnesses to improve in various facets of teaching and preaching. Each lesson also comes with at least one exercise that invites the student to put the lesson into action. The book also has wide margins so the student can write down interesting points learned from discussions concerning a given lesson.

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The book begins with several chapters offering general advice for preaching, teaching and public speaking. These initial chapters cover topics such as researching efficiently, making an outline, improving conversation skills and communicating through letters. Between the initial chapters and the actual lessons is a counsel form, which allows the teacher to note when the student has completed a lesson and its exercises. The counsel form also highlights which lessons apply to public readings, demonstrations or discourses.

Basic lessons covered by the workbook include correct pronunciation, fluent delivery, suitable volume, enthusiasm and visual contact. Intermediate lessons in the book include effective introduction of scriptures, correct choice of words, respect shown to others, proper use of repetition and development of a theme. Advanced lessons at the end of the book include forming an interest-arousing introduction, concluding effectively, using questions effectively, displaying reason and strengthening an audience.

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