What Information Do Psychics Typically Tell You in a Past Life Reading?

What Information Do Psychics Typically Tell You in a Past Life Reading?

In a past life reading, the psychic tells the client about that person's past lives, with a focus on those past lives that are most relevant to the client's current life. With the psychic's help, the client is able to better understand his experiences and beliefs. Each reading varies depending on the client, so it's impossible to predict the information psychics find.

The reading process varies depending on the psychic, but a prayer asking for past life information is one way to begin. The psychic then views the client's past lives, although the psychic merely experiences it and doesn't control anything. Some psychics use lucid dreaming to view past lives.

Psychics typically prefer to avoid any detailed information on the client before and during the reading process to avoid influencing the reading. Psychics may provide clients with information before or during the reading. Reading methods include in-person appointments, video chat or phone consultations, and through a picture of the client.

The information from a past life reading can help the client recognize common life themes and resolve issues from past lives. Psychics usually allow clients to ask specific questions about their current or past lives.

Modern science has found no evidence supporting past lives. Most people don't remember any past lives.