How Do You Find Information on a Prison Inmate's Court Date?

You can access an inmate’s court date online within the county clerk’s portal, which is a matter of public record that can be viewed by anyone. You can also obtain court dates by contacting the court clerk’s office by phone or in person.

In most states and counties, the county jail or corrections system also maintains an online portal, such as the “Who’s in Jail” resource supported by the San Diego County Jail. These online systems provide information about the inmate’s housing location, court dates, charges and projected release date. Online services also detail prison terms, information about visiting inmates and rehabilitation services provided.

It is also possible to call the correctional facility directly to inquire about court dates of inmates. Individuals who contact the correctional facility or court clerk's office by phone or in person must usually provide name, date of arrest, charges and date of birth of the inmate. The court clerk’s office or prison records office can obtain the court date and case information for individuals who are in the prison system or those summoned to appear in court. If the case is still pending, the inmate has the right to request a rescheduled court date or a continuance with the support of an attorney or public defender.