What Information Does Kajama's Daily Horoscope Contain?


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Kajama.com offers a Daily Horoscope Section that gives free daily short forecasts for people born under a particular sign. In the menu, under Horoscopes, each star sign is indicated by an icon that, when clicked, takes a reader to the designated horoscope for that sign.

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After clicking one of the twelve zodiac sign icons, readers see a page with the current day's forecast and two prior days' horoscopes. By clicking on the links to "keep reading" each one offers more detail and takes the reader to the particular sign of the zodiac and its dates, for example, Pisces (February 19 – March 20). A theme for the week, starting on Monday of the week, and an affirmation for that week follow. The page then lists a Spirit Guide for that sign, best color to wear and the person's lucky number.

The actual daily horoscope follows. The forecast gives advice for living fuller or averting danger or turning negatives into positives through mediation or concentration and suggests possible tarot cards that could help in improving that sign's wisdom. It might also portend good or frustrating news but suggests that it will only be temporary. It might tell of the person's future, typically including a delineation of character and circumstances.

Finally, a Keep In Mind section tells the reader how to make the most of his day or things to pay attention to during the course of his day to inspire, enlighten and transform on the path to wholeness.

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