What Information Does a Basic Sign Language Chart Include?


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There are numerous types of basic sign language charts, including ones made for specific age groups, ones that only include the alphabet letters and signs, and ones that include anywhere from a few to over a hundred words. Some common words found on basic sign language charts include those for immediate family members, yes, no and hello. The charts show these words written normally, and a picture of hands demonstrating their positioning to sign the word shown.

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What Information Does a Basic Sign Language Chart Include?
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Sign language charts may include either a picture of a person's full body while he demonstrates the sign for a word, or it may include only the person's hands demonstrating the sign. A large variety of basic sign language charts can be printed for free from many websites or can be purchased through various websites or speciality stores. The charts that contain only letters may be useful to people wishing to communicate very briefly through fingerspelling, which involves using the sign for each individual letter to spell out a word. Other charts include ones made for babies first learning sign language, charts containing single words or full phrases for commonly asked questions, and charts with words for the basic functions of daily living, such as "eat" and "bathroom."

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