Who Are Some Influential Lutheran Church Pastors?


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Famous Lutheran pastors include Rudolf Bultmann and Gerhard Ebeling. Although many pastors are singled out, these two have shaped contemporary understandings of Lutheran theology and Martin Luther's own theology a great deal.

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Rudolf Bultmann was a leading intellectual, pastor, and theologian in the Christian protest movement against the Nazi regime. He also wrote many influential books about the meaning of theological language: Jesus Christ and Mythology, the most popular. He taught that there is a distinction between the worldview of first-century writers and the religious message these writers tried to communicate.

Gerhard Ebeling's Luther: An Introduction to His Thought is considered by many theologians a modern classic on Luther's theology. Ebeling is also famous for his book God and Word, where he applied Martin Heidegger's philosophy of language to the concept of God to understand its meaning according to Bultmann's project of demythologizing religious language by using philosophical concepts that are accessible to modern people.

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