What Are Some Infamous Videos Featuring Bigfoot?


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The Patterson-Gimlin film, the Paul Freeman tape and the Jim Holder cellphone recording are some of the infamous videos purported to show the elusive Bigfoot. Experts examined all of these videos without finding evidence of the videos’ credibility while also failing to prove they are hoaxes.

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What Are Some Infamous Videos Featuring Bigfoot?
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The Patterson-Gimlin video is one of the most well-known Bigfoot videos. Supposedly shot on Oct. 20, 1967, on Bluff Creek in Northern California about 38 miles from the Oregon border, the film has 954 frames running at 16 frames per second for a total time of 59.5 seconds. It depicts a Bigfoot walking across the stream bed and looking directly at the camera. It has been studied heavily by scientists with some concluding it is a man in an ape suit while other scientists insisting it is not human.

Paul Freeman, a former worker with the U.S. Forest Service, claims to have had his first Bigfoot sighting in June of 1982 near Walla Walla, Washington. He claimed to find tracks from which he made plaster casts and sold them to Bigfoot enthusiasts. In 1994, he shot his video of the creature near the Blue Mountains. It is considered authentic by some, but of too low resolution to be conclusive.

The Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, Colorado, was where Jim Holder shot his cellphone video in 2007. Many critics quickly ruled it a hoax because Bigfoot's circumcised penis is visible. Other scientists revealed that an ape's appendage can appear that way. Holder claims that he just recorded what he saw and is not part of any hoax.

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