What Are Some of the Most Inexpensive Places to Live in the United States?


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As of 2015, some of the most inexpensive places to live in the United States are Harlingen, Texas and Memphis, Tennessee. Lansing, Michigan and the Ohio cities Ashland and Toledo also boast affordable, Midwest living with low housing costs.

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Harlingen, Texas has a lower cost of living than most U.S. cities. It costs 17 percent less to maintain a standard of living in Harlingen than the national average cost of living. Beef cost less in Harlingen than the national average and the average costs of housing, health care, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses rank lower than in other cities around the United States. Similarly, in Memphis, Tennessee, the standard of living sits below the national average. The average housing cost in Memphis is even lower than the average cost in Harlingen.

Many Midwest cities offer affordable low mortgage and rent costs while still containing additional living costs such as utilities. In Lansing, Michigan, houses cost 33 percent less than the average American house. Lansing residents also enjoy the state's low, flat-rate income tax. In the city, transportation costs are low and residents spend less than 18 percent of their monthly income on gas and car payments, as of 2015. Biking trails and outdoor gardens offer Lansing residents low-cost recreation options that save cash.

Similarly, Ashland, Ohio offers residents a below-average cost of living in the Midwest. Located about an hour from Ohio's largest cities, Ashland offers a cost of living that sits 14 percent below the national average. Nearby Ohio cities such as Toledo also offer affordable living because personal salaries trend high, while home prices trend low. In Toledo, residents spend 32.3 percent of their personal income on necessities such as housing, commuting and utilities.

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