What Is an Indigo Child?


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Many individuals who are interested in metaphysics believe that certain individuals born between 1981 and 2014, referred to as indigo children, possess a specific set of behavioral and psychological characteristics that set them apart. These children are believed to be empathic, extraordinarily wise for their age and technologically advanced. They are believed to be a generation of individuals destined to usher in an era of prosperity and peace.

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Indigo children may have extremely unique personalities, yet they fit into normal society perfectly. Children labeled as indigo children may have difficulty fitting in, display disruptive behaviors, be nonverbal or experience severe communication difficulties.

Psychologists and behavioral specialists suggest that indigo children are actually children who may have symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder or an autism spectrum disorder and need therapy or medication to live productive lives. Parents who believe their children are indigos frequently decline this treatment, believing it is likely to suppress their child's natural empathic abilities.

Children with undiagnosed, untreated behavioral or psychological symptoms may experience difficulty as they attempt to accomplish daily tasks or struggle to complete school work adequately. Regardless of which label parents choose to place on a child, the child should receive the education and life skills necessary to be a functional adult.

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