What Is Indie Style?

Indie fashion and style tends to be alternative and non-corporate in design, often including denim, short shorts, slouchy tops and boots. Indie is short for “independent,” and the style is often associated with certain types of rock music.

Indie style often incorporates locally-produced fashion and vintage clothing. According to How Stuff Works, true indie fashion is not found at shopping centers or big box stores. The key to this style is to cultivate outfits that are unique from what everyone else is wearing. One way to accomplish this is to shop in second-hand or thrift stores. Second-hand stores, especially consignment shops, offer higher-end pieces. Thrift stores require more digging to find quality items, but they are the cheapest option.

Another option is to tailor outfits. This can be accomplished with hand-crafted jewelry and clothing or by modifying existing pieces. For those who do not feel comfortable sewing or adapting clothing on their own, there are many cottage industries devoted to this trend. Etsy, a website that sells handmade and vintage items, is a prime example of a company responding to this trend.

Indie style is also for the home. Local artisans selling their wares at craft shows and art walks are a good place to start looking for indie home decor.

An indie lifestyle is associated with music. Alternative rock, garage bands, new wave and rockabilly are all musical genres that go with indie style. Likewise, independent books and movies provide alternate sources of entertainment.