Why Is India Such a Poor Country?

Why Is India Such a Poor Country?

India is a poor country because of corruption, natural disasters, large population density and lack of employment. Some of the problems caused by poverty in this country include poor living standards, lack of proper health care and poor sanitation.

One of the main causes of poverty in India is a lack of employment opportunities. Many people who have attained legal working age are unable to find work. The economy of the country is not growing fast enough to accommodate the growing number of people in need of work.

The population of India is rapidly increasing, which is why its natural resources appear to shrink. Lack of land means people are unable to find a place to practice economic activities such as farming.

Corruption in government offices is another cause of poverty in this country. Things such as favoritism and bribes make it difficult for those qualified to occupy important offices, while the less qualified are given jobs. The result is poor performance from those who are supposed to come up with policies to improve the economy.

Natural disasters such as famines or crop diseases make it difficult for farmers to produce enough crops or animals for sale and self sustenance.