What Is India Known For?

What Is India Known For?

India is known for street vendors, train travel, Bollywood celebrities, jewelry, food and festivals. As of 2014, at least 7 million tourists a year travel to India each year. India is also famous as a place of spiritual enlightenment.

India has a plethora of street vendors selling the usual items travelers would expect to find in any outdoor market, such as accessories and food. But there are also street vendors who offer unusual goods and services, such as dentistry and astrology.

Train travel in India is a traditional, 160 year-old method of transportation. Tourists can take old-world train rides across Indian towns to enjoy expansive views of the landscape. However, some trains may not be safe due to a lack of government regulation. Travelers may wish to board only the newer, derailment proof Duronto trains.

Bollywood, India's Hindi film production industry, is based in Mumbai, a town that boasts a strong sense of Indian art and culture. Bollywood actors and actresses enjoy fame and a fan base that rivals American Hollywood stars.

The jewelry of India is very intricate and is owned by all levels of Indian society. Indian women adorn themselves in an abundance of jewelry to create a distinctively unique style.

India is also famous for its delicious cuisine that can be enjoyed in native restaurants or at the shacks of roadside vendors. Indians are constantly throwing celebrations due to the wide variety of cultures and religions that the country is home to. Travelers are often invited to partake in these ceremonies.