How Do You Improve Your Self Esteem?

The first step to improving your self-esteem is to identify the problem areas. Be conscious of your thoughts, confront your negative thoughts and finally adjust how you view yourself.

  1. Identify the problem areas

    Think about the triggers that affect your self-esteem. Some problem areas include work or school, crisis at home or changes such as losing your job.

  2. Be conscious of your thoughts

    Pay close attention to your thoughts, particularly in troubling situations. Listen to your self-talk and how you interpret difficult situations. Think about whether your thoughts are irrational, are founded on reason or are based on false ideas.

  3. Confront your negative thoughts

    Seriously think whether your thoughts are based on facts and logic. Beliefs and thoughts that are held for a long time may feel factual and normal, while this is not always the case. Test the logic behind your thoughts by exploring other possible ways to view the situation.

  4. Adjust how you view yourself

    Replace the negative thoughts with constructive and accurate thoughts. Accurately assess yourself and your ability to handle situations. Forgive yourself, and remember that everyone makes mistakes. Do not make unreasonable demands on yourself, but rather focus on the positive aspects in your life.