Why Is It Important to Be Yourself?

Elite Daily indicates that being oneself offers benefits to personal and professional relationships, while also allowing one to have greater peace of mind. By being oneself, a person avoids the stress of trying to alter attitudes, actions and perspectives to fit different situations and groups of people.

Self-awareness is an important social life skill. For a person to understand how he comes across to others in relationships, he must recognize personal traits, likes and dislikes, and strengths and weaknesses. Understanding oneself is helpful in picking friends, activities, a college major and a career path. Being oneself when making these important life decisions helps one to enjoy the fruits of such choices.

Being oneself also protects against the negative consequences of peer pressure. Adolescence and young adults often struggle with choosing personal values over peer acceptance. Being oneself does not always seem "cool," but peers often respect a person with clear, consistent values. Over time, peer pressure can wane as peers become familiar with a person's values and ethics.

A person's integrity is also affected by being oneself. Integrity is the alignment of what a person knows, says and does. Being oneself protects against constant changes, wavering values and unpredictable behaviors. A person of high integrity is often more appealing to others in personal and professional relationships.