What Are Some Important Facts About World Hunger?


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There are 870 million people in the world suffering from hunger as of 2015, per World Food Programme, with population concentrations highest in central, eastern and southern Africa. Women, children and members of rural communities suffer hunger disproportionately worldwide.

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Hunger begins with under-nourishment, being unable to consume enough calories to meet basic physical needs. Under-nourishment can progress to malnutrition, which leaves the sufferer vulnerable to disease; common infections such as measles or diarrhea may become lethal. Malnutrition that leads to severe weight loss is called wasting. Poverty and problems with agricultural infrastructure are the leading causes of world hunger cited by WFP. Other obstacles to nourishment include civil and international conflict, natural disasters, market fluctuations and food waste. Organizations working alongside WFP to fight hunger globally include Oxfam and Heifer International.

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