What Are Some Important Things to Know About Child Behavior and Psychology?


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It is important to recognize that childhood psychological development greatly affects a child's overall health and later success in life, explains the American Psychological Association. Although the public still doesn't recognize this fact as much as it should, parents can do a lot to understand their child's psychology and ensure good health and development, as early as in the womb.

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Good mental health is a critical part of normal child development and directly impacts a child's behavior, school performance and relationships, notes the APA. Parents and caregivers should be aware of critical stages in child development and be prepared for stressful times, so that surprises or difficult transitions are as stress-free as possible for the child. Children need predictability at home and school so that they feel safe and secure. The APA strongly recommends that children have regular routines and opportunities to learn resilience and life skills.

Prevention goes a long way to avoiding behavioral and psychological problems down the road, states the APA. For parents, this includes healthy prenatal choices such as not smoking or drinking. On a community-wide level, this may include regular assessment of the child and early diagnosis of behavioral or psychological issues. Such prevention, especially from schools and health care professionals, can also counteract multiple risk factors such as poverty and abuse. Treatment should be easily affordable and culturally sensitive, allowing children and their families easy access to professional support and guidance.

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