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What is important in life depends on who you are and what point you are at in your life. Many people look to Victor Frankl for answers due to his book "Man's Search For Meaning," in which he lays out several ways to find meaning in life.

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After being confined to a concentration camp during World War II, Victor Frankl wrote a book in which he discussed what he saw in the men who survived along with him. He observed that it wasn't the physically strongest men who survived, but the mentally strongest. His book suggests that this strength came through finding a way to maintain control over the environment around them. Obviously, they had to find small ways to do this. He posited that there were three ways to do this: creativity, authenticity and attitude. If one is struggling with finding meaning in life, it may help to take an art class or to adjust the way that they interact with those around them. During his time in the camps, it appears that Frankl often turned to his internal life to make up for what the exterior lacked. Taking time to meditate on what one really wants out of life is a good way to encourage this mindfulness and may help with finding out what is important.

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