What Are Some Important Lessons to Learn From a Bullying Article?

What Are Some Important Lessons to Learn From a Bullying Article?

Some important lessons to be learned from bullying articles include how young adolescents cope with social problems and whether there is a connection between adolescent bullying and substance abuse. Other possible lessons include cross-cultural comparisons between bullying in various countries and the predictive roles of those involved in bullying.

In one reported study of sixth graders dealing with bullying, a three-factor structure was identified in coping: mastery, avoidance and nonchalance. Mastery was associated with best friendship quality, avoidance with anxious solitude, and nonchalance with serious aggression.

Another study investigated whether or not victims of bullying were likely to fall into substance abuse subsequently. Though over 50,000 middle school students were studied, a correlation between victims and substance abuse was not found.

A cross-cultural study of bullying found that the causes of school bullying are more likely to be found in problems at home rather than problems at school for the bully. The study suggested that the coping skills the bully uses to deal with his own victimization determine his bullying behavior at school.

Another important lesson that can be learned involves the predictive roles of a bully. Learning what to look for in a child can predict his likelihood of becoming a bully.