Which Is More Important: Health or Wealth?

There is no determined answer to the debate between the importance of wealth over health and vice versa, according to Time Magazine. For example, in many ways, access to health care is dependent upon monetary considerations. However, one must remain healthy to earn money at full potential.

Lifelong health is dependent upon maintaining physical fitness, eating healthy foods and ensuring a stable and happy mental state. A person at their optimum health is in a position to work longer and thus acquire more wealth. A person who is committed to their health is more reliable and inclined to make positive decisions. When these traits are extended to the financial realm, a healthy person is more likely to make sound, low-risk investments. Stabilizing finances lowers stress levels, which improves health by lowering blood pressure and helping maintain an emotional balance. On the other hand, wealthy individuals are far more likely to have access to preventive medicine, which is key for maintaining good health over the course of a lifetime. When a person lacks access to costly health insurance, they typically only visit the doctor when absolutely necessary. Diseases, such as diabetes and some cancers, are much more easily treated if detected early.