What Are Some Important Accomplishments to Include on a Parent Brag Sheet?

Some accomplishments to include on a parent brag sheet include volunteer work, non-school extracurricular activities and mission trips. Parents might also mention instances in which their child overcame significant personal obstacles or succeeded in difficult circumstances. Other items to list include college coursework, educational camps and travel experience.

The parent brag sheet may also include community service projects, church involvement, group leadership, summer sports experience or employment. Awards, honors, scholarships and prizes are also valid additions. If the student spends a great deal of time on a hobby, such as painting or computer programming, this also qualifies as an accomplishment.

Parents may also list school achievements that may not appear on a transcript or school records, such as in-class awards, impressive class projects, leadership positions within a school group or dramatic improvement on a sports team. Tutoring, acting in school plays, and long-term participation in a sports team or performing arts group also add to the brag sheet.

A brag sheet is designed to give a guidance counselor a well-rounded view of a student. As such, the bulk of the brag sheet should focus on the student’s activities outside of school hours. However, parents may also use the sheet to explain circumstances that make the student’s in-school accomplishments more impressive, such as a tough work schedule, learning disabilities or family hardship.