How Do You Find Images of Jesus?


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The Divine Revelations, God is Real and LDS websites are good resources for finding images of Jesus. The images provided by these websites include portraits, pictures of Jesus interacting with children and crucifixion scenes.

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To find the images of Jesus on the Divine Revelations website, go to the main page, then scroll to the bottom and click on "2nd page." Under the "Christian Pictures" section, click on "200+ Pics." This will display the page with images of Jesus. These pictures include portraits, tabernacle pictures, painted and drawn images.

To find the images of Jesus on the God is Real website, go to the main page, hover over the Jesus Christ section and click on the "Pictures of Jesus" category. This page has a gallery of paintings by artists including Greg Olson, Howard Lyon, Lars Justinen and Nancy Lee Moran. Most of these images are pictures that portray Jesus in a welcoming way, often smiling and interacting with others.

The images of Jesus on the LDS website are located in the LDS Media Library. From the LDS.org main page, scroll down to the "Inspiring Messages" section and click on "Media Library." On the Media Library page, click on the "Images" tab then scroll down to and click on "Jesus Christ."

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