What Are Some Identifying Characteristics of Indigo Adults?


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According to Richie Holterman for The Open Mind, believers in the New Age concept of indigo adults and children generally tend to characterize these individuals as extremely emotional beings who struggle with the acceptance of societal structures such as politics, education, medicine and law. These people have a tendency to create private lives for themselves and exist in a world of fantasy. They are thought to be very intuitive.

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Holterman explains that indigo adults claim to have struggled with their sensitivity to the world around them from a very young age. While they are considered to be highly intelligent in esoteric matters, indigos often struggle with poor grades in school. Indigo adults are regularly believed to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder as a result of their inability to remain grounded and focused in a societal system they don't believe in or support. According to Holterman, indigos often report experiencing psychic and spiritual phenomena, such as predicting events before they occur or encountering paranormal entities. These individuals are commonly known to reject authority and prefer to work alone or in leadership positions. Indigos tend to be extremely creative, using the arts to escape from reality and express their complex inner feelings.

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