How Do You Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

A person can identify their strengths and weaknesses by giving some thought to things that they are interested in doing. An individual might try asking colleagues, friends and family members if they think that he or she has talents or special abilities in those particular areas. Identified strengths or weaknesses don't have to be activities; they can also be personality traits such being trustworthy, honest or a generous friend.

Identifying strengths and weaknesses may take a little time and self-reflection. Sometimes the things that a person likes to do or that they are interested in learning about are not the areas in which that person is particularly talented. It's important for a person to make the effort to understand whether an activity or personality trait might be worth nurturing or pursuing more fully, or if it should just remain a hobby. Once a person is clear on their strengths, he or she may want to capitalize on any related skills and use them to earn a living or to help others. A person doesn't necessarily need to completely give up on areas in which he or she is weak. Sometimes, if there is enough interest, willingness, effort and a little bit of talent, a weakness can gradually be turned into a strength.