How Do You Identify a Mikuni Carburettor?

Mikuni carburettor’s always have Mikuni printed somewhere on the carburettor in large or small letters, and may or may not have Solex printed on them as well. If the carburettor only says Solex, is manufactured anywhere in Europe, and has a three-bolt jet cover, than it is not a Mikuni but a pure European Solex.

As of 2015, the Mikuni automotive racing carburettor comes in five main types: Type R, Type T, Type S4, Type S5 and Type Q. The Type R and Type T only come in 40mm carburettors. The Type S4 and Type S5 come in both 40mm and 44mm sizes. Finally, Type Q comes in 40mm, 44mm and 50mm sizes.

While Mikuni automotive carburettors have declined in popularity with the introduction of modern fuel injectors, Mikuni also makes racing and recreational carburettors for motorcycles and watercraft. Mikuni makes watercraft carburettors ranging from its standard BN series starting with a 34mm intake up to its Super BN46 series with a large 48mm intake.

Mikuni motorcycle carburettors come in a wide array of offerings, depending on the type of vehicle. The HSR series comes in 42mm, 45mm and 48mm sizes. HSR carburettors are designed for maximum torque to power large street bikes such as Harley Davidson models. By comparison, the RS series carburettors were Mikuni’s design specifically for street racing motorcycles.

For off-roading, Mikuni offers the VM and TM series carburettors. The VM series is a versatile carburettor for both two-stroke and four-stroke, enduro-style motorcycles. While the VM series offers the best range of supported vehicles, the TM series is specifically designed for two-stroke engines, offering maximum torque at mid-ranges.