How Do You Identify a Blueberry Bush Leaf?

Don Johnston/All Canada Photos/Getty Images

Garden Guides describes blueberry bush leaves as glossy, dark green with yellow accents on the veins that group in small groupings. During the fall the leaves may turn yellow or bright crimson. The edges of the leaves are smooth and are not serrated. Home Guides notes that the leaves are irregular oval or egg shaped, with the base of the leaf being wider.

Blueberry bushes have other distinguishing features that may help you identify the plant. According to Garden Guides, blueberry bushes have smooth branches that are light brown in color. They may have darker brown speckles and do not have thorns. If the bush is in the flowering stage, you may be able to identify it by its flowers.

Garden Guides describes the flowers as small and bell-shaped. They are pinkish-purplish-white in color. If the bush has passed the flowering stage and is growing berries, you may be able confirm if the plant is a blueberry bush. The berries start out tiny and light lilac in color, and as they grow, become dark purplish blue. They are smooth and round and grow singularly, never in clusters or bunches. Blueberries are traditionally grown in northern climates with cold winters, but horticulturalists have developed varieties for warmer climates.