What Are Some Ideas for Things to Do on Pastor Appreciation Day?

On Pastor Appreciation Day, you can give your pastor gifts, donate your time or have a celebratory event. Pastors typically lead busy lives attending to their congregations and the needs of their churches. Ask your pastor for ways that you can help, such as babysitting his children, raking leaves at his home or washing his car. You can offer assistance at the church as well by organizing the pastor's office or fixing things around the church campus.

You can offer your pastor a simple, homemade gift such as a framed photo of the church or a group photo of all the church members. You can also make a video presentation with pictures and videos of the pastor from the past year or video greetings from friends, fellow ministers and church staff. Additionally, the whole church congregation can show its love and support by writing encouraging greeting cards or thank-you notes.

Another idea is to show appreciation publicly by recognizing your pastor with a special ceremony during church. Schedule time during the worship service to have a moment of recognition for your pastor. You can invite special guest speakers to say a few words or have church members present your pastor with gifts or a plaque.