What Are Some Ideas for Talking About a LDS Baptism?


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At an LDS baptism for children, ensure that your talk directly addresses the children who are getting baptized. To personalize the talk for the children, ask them questions during the service and encourage them to speak their answers aloud. Some speakers use props to make a point; for example, a compass could signify the Holy Ghost guiding one's heart. Do not tell young children that they are sinful, and keep the talk brief.

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The idea of death can be frightening to young children; therefore, do not compare baptism to death and resurrection. Instead, focus on encouraging images. One LDS baptism talk centers on the idea that just as God keeps His promises to us, we must try to keep our promises to Him. This talk reassures children that they can ask God for forgiveness, and that God promises to forgive sin. As baptized LDS members, the children receive the gift of the Holy Spirit from God.

Another baptism talk focuses on what the Holy Ghost can do in the lives of the baptized. It explains to children that, even though they cannot see or touch the Holy Ghost, He is with them to provide comfort and guidance. This talk draws connections between the covenant between God and the baptized. It instructs children to live righteously according to the LDS faith.

Passages from the Book of Mormon regarding baptism are a good source for talk ideas. Some themes from the Book include entering a covenant with God, entering the Church of Christ and witnessing to becoming a willing servant to God. In one object lesson, keys symbolize how baptism and confirmation help LDS members enter the Kingdom of God.

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